Utilities Are Hiking Up Water Prices, And You May Not Be Able...

Utilities Are Hiking Up Water Prices, And You May Not Be Able To Afford It

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If you’ve opened up a utility bill in recent years, you’ve probably noticed a modest upward trend in the cost of keeping the lights on and the water running. But that upward trend could start going a whole hell of a lot faster if this paper is correct.

Researchers at Michigan State University have found that the cost of water will need to increase by 41% in order to pay for replacing outdated water infrastructure.

Already, about 14 million households have trouble paying for their water. A 41% hike in water costs could expand that number to over 40 million, or one-third of all American homes, by 2020.

The worst part is, in many of the places most impacted by this, the water quality is poor. Already we’ve been hearing reports about how 50,000 households in Flint, Michigan are facing repercussions for their inability to pay for lead-tainted tap water.

There’s a water crisis brewing, and pretty much no one is talking about it.

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