Trump Says He’s “Proud” Of Leaving Paris Climate Agreement

Trump Says He’s “Proud” Of Leaving Paris Climate Agreement

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President Donald Trump has been robustly defending his decision to leave the Paris Climate Agreement, a non-binding agreement to reduce carbon emissions and assist developing countries switch to clean energy alternatives. On Thursday, Trump said he was “proud” of the decision to pull out.

“In order to protect American jobs, companies and workers, we’ve withdrawn the United States from the one-sided Paris Climate Accord,” Trump said in a speech focused on the future of energy in the US.

“I will tell you we’re proud of it,” he said. “And when I go around, there are so many people that say thank you. You saved the sovereignty of our country.”

The Paris Climate Agreement was a landmark one – the first time that effectively the entire globe agreed to take steps to mitigate the impacts of man-made climate change. The agreement is non-binding, with each nation establishing at the outset what they were willing to commit to the fight.

One of the loudest voices standing in opposition to Trump’s decision to pull out is German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has publicly declared that the Paris deal is “not negotiable” and intends to hold Trump’s feet to the fire over his disastrous decision.

Even though the science is effectively settled and the United States is the world’s second-largest contributor of greenhouse gases, Trump campaigned on the idea that climate change is a Chinese hoax. Sadly, his ignorance, willing or not, is damning future generations to a horrid life.

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