Trump To Sign Order Making It Easier For Big Ag To Destroy...

Trump To Sign Order Making It Easier For Big Ag To Destroy Wetlands, Streams

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Since assuming office, President Trump has had regulations in his crosshairs. Today, Trump announced that he will instruct the EPA to “review and reconsider” the Waters of the United States rule.

Said rule makes it harder for the Army Corps of Engineers to drain wetlands and small streams for development and agricultural interests.

The executive order has not yet been signed, but the directive will impact about 30 states and numerous big business interests that have been vocal critics of the rule. But advocates argue that the rule is crucial.

“Without the Clean Water Rule’s critical protections, innumerable small streams and wetlands that are essential for drinking water supplies, flood protection, and fish and wildlife habitat will be vulnerable to unregulated pollution, dredging and filling,” said Bob Irvin, president of American Rivers.

But the agriculture industry is welcoming it, if a bit cautiously.

“We welcome this action, but realise a lot of work lies ahead to secure a policy that works in a fair and transparent manner,” said Mace Thornton, spokesman for the American Farm Bureau Federation.

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