White House Source: Trump To Propose Cutting EPA Budget By 24%

White House Source: Trump To Propose Cutting EPA Budget By 24%

The Trump administration is expected to come out with a plan to cut a quarter of the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget, causing layoffs for about 20% of the agency.

The proposed cuts would remove about $2 billion from current spending and about 3,000 employees.

The White House has been laying out its plan for federal agencies as well as the budget as a whole, announcing a plan to add more than $50 billion to the defense budget and cutting domestic discretionary spending, like the safety net, by about the same amount.

Ultimately, congress is responsible for making the budget, but they will doubtless be looking to the White House for guidance. Democrats are gearing up to oppose it as furiously as possible, but without a majority in either legislative chamber, it will likely be futile.

These cuts will give us an EPA with fewer resources than at any time since Reagan was president. Their ability to enforce regulations that keep our air and water clean will be severely hindered. When it comes time to vote in 2018 and 2020, don’t forget this.

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