While Trump Tries To Save Coal, States Are Going 100% Renewable

While Trump Tries To Save Coal, States Are Going 100% Renewable

One of the numerous bizarre, unattainable things that Trump ran on during the presidential campaign was saving coal, a dirty and dying form of energy production.

But while Trump chases coal down the drain, states are doubling down on renewable energy, which creates more jobs than every type of fossil fuel combined.

In California, Senate leader Kevin de León introduced a bill that would make the state’s grid carbon-free by 2045 and to hit 50% renewable energy by 2025.

In Massachusetts, legislators have introduced two bills to promote renewable energy, HD.3357 and SD.1932. They would require the state get all of its electricity from renewable sources by 2035 and 100% of energy needs, be it heating or transportation, by 2050.

Hawai’i also has an aggressive standard enacted back in 2015 mandating 100% renewable energy by 2045.

A bill introduced in Nevada also sets a fairly rigorous standard of 80% renewable energy by 2040. Their current goal is 22% by 2040.

So while Trump digs coal, the states are being realistic and implementing renewable energy. Let’s see who wins this contest.

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