Trump To Nominate Climate Change Denier To Head Up NASA

Trump To Nominate Climate Change Denier To Head Up NASA

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President Donald Trump has only been president for eight and a half months but he already has a noteworthy record of appointing people to positions in the federal government who will work actively to dismantle them or, at best, are woefully unqualified for the job.

On Friday, the White House announced the president’s intent to nominate Jim Bridensine, a GOP congressman from Oklahoma, to run NASA. Like many of Trump’s nominees, Bridenstine has no scientific or technical credentials to operate in such a position. He is, however, an outspoken climate change denier.

Both political parties have been quick to condemn the appointment, with both of Florida’s senators, Bill Nelson, a Democrat, and Marco Rubio, a Republican, calling Bridenstine a poor choice.

“I just think [his nomination] could be devastating for the space program,” Senator Rubio said in an interview with Politico. Not just that, but appointing a climate change denier to NASA’s top administrative post could prove devastating to climate change research.

Bridenstine’s denial of climate change is hardly surprising, with fossil fuel companies donating large sums of money to his campaign. In 2013, Bridenstone took to the house floor to demand that then-president Barack Obama apologize for funding climate change research.

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