She Built An Epic Tiny House In the Hawaiian Jungle For Just...

She Built An Epic Tiny House In the Hawaiian Jungle For Just $11,000

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There’s almost an endless amount of things you could do with $11,000. However, for Kristie Wolfe, there was only one option: build a tiny, sustainable house in the Hawaiian jungle!

Several years ago, Wolfe, built her first tiny home in Boise, ID. She fell in love the the lifestyle and the Tiny House Movement. She even blogs about the process! In December of 2013, she bought a plot of land in Hawaii for $8,000 and then spend an additional $11,000 building her jungle abode.

As you can see in the picture above, her house is built on 15-foot tall stilts. This roof is built from bamboo thatching. This construction technique allows for one really unique feature…


This amazing hanging bed swing! It’s directly under the main room of the house, designed to avoid the rain! Kristie, being a DIY fanatic, crafted the swing fromĀ an old trampoline.


For being designed on such a small budget, the inside is gorgeous!



The view is pretty impressive as well!


The open area gets plenty of sunlight!


The house also includes a full bathroom!


It has a natural rock sink, toilet, and shower, all powered by rainwater,


Kristie used natural cork bark combined with air plants to create the backsplash in the shower.


Plenty of closet space!


The house combines several different types of bamboo. There’s also a trap door that connects to a ladder that leads you to the second level.




Most of the year, Kristie is living in her Idaho home and this tiny house is available on Airbnb, check it out!

Thanks to Tiny House On The Big Island

You can hear about Kristie’s entire process in the video below. Is this your favorite tiny house? Let us know in the comments and share this with your friends and family!

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