The Largest Coal Plant In The Western U.S. May Be Closing Down

The Largest Coal Plant In The Western U.S. May Be Closing Down

One of the single largest sources of pollution in the United States may be closing down in the near future. Early in January it was announced that because of low natural gas prices and the rising cost of electricity generation, Arizona’s Navajo Generating Station may be done for.

This closure would follow a trend across the U.S. of coal plants shutting down. And despite what President Trump may promise, it’s a dying industry.

To be clear though, it is natural gas, another source of climate change-causing carbon dioxide, that is putting this giant down. Not Obama’s “war on coal,” and not renewable energy either.

On the other side of the United States, the Tennessee Valley Authority has closed 3 coal plants in the last 6 years, and two more are likely to be shut down by 2018.

Natural gas is going to make it difficult for the president to follow through on his promises to revive the waning coal industry. The states most likely to bring on new coal jobs, like Kentucky and West Virginia, are themselves relying more and more on natural gas.

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