The House GOP Voted To Allow Killing Wolf Pups In Alaska Wildlife...

The House GOP Voted To Allow Killing Wolf Pups In Alaska Wildlife Refuges

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A resolution authored by Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska) that would allow for hunters to kill wolf pups as well as bear cubs passed narrowly in the House of Representatives on a 225 to 193 vote. The rule it overturned, put in place during the Obama presidency, established that predators could only be hunted if there was a scientific reason to.

Now, wolves and their pups can be hunted without restraint in Alaska’s wildlife refuges. This vote has made it legal to snare bears in barbaric steel-jawed leghold traps and shoot wolves from helicopter. Kind of makes the whole “refuge” thing moot, huh?

Republicans were under pressure by pro-gun and pro-hunting groups like the NRA and the Safari Club, as well as some other smaller groups, to pass the resolution. 10 Republicans voted against the resolution and should be applauded for it. Reps. Dan Donovan and Peter King of New York, Fred Upton of Michigan, Frank LoBiondo, Tom MacArthur, and Chris Smith of New Jersey, Martha McSally of Arizona, Dave Reichert of Washington, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida, and Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania.

At this point, the Senate and the President have the power to overturn this resolution and keep the rule in place.

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