Awesome Bee Hive Prototype Receives $4.8 Million In Crowd-Funding

Awesome Bee Hive Prototype Receives $4.8 Million In Crowd-Funding

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Hot damn, people must really like beekeeping! For this father-son beekeeping duo, their dreams have come true with a successful Indiegogo fundraising campaign that has raised $4.8 million and counting. They surpassed their goal after just 10 minutes. Their idea? A new type of hive they call Flow.

Their idea has the potential to change beekeeping, and the future of bees themselves, forever. To the more than 9,000 people who have so far invested in it, it’s a sweet idea that can help save the bees. There is clearly excitement.

“The Flow hive is now the largest international campaign ever on Indiegogo,” says Slava Rubin, CEO of Indiegogo. They set a record for the amount raised in one day: $2.1 million.

Cedar Anderson says that his friends convinced him to take his idea to Facebook and start posting about it. “We have a lot of friends of family who helped us by spreading the word,” he says.

“People think that we had a huge promotional budget behind us, but we just did it all ourselves,” he says. “Local media coverage went viral, and before we knew it, the whole world was taking a much greater interest than we thought possible.”



Understanding why this invention captured the attention of the world is pretty easy to see. The hives are filled with partially completed honeycombs. When populated with bees, the worker bees finish the honeycombs and begin producing honey. When the cells are full, and the bees have completely capped them off, all you have to do is turn a lever and the honey will run out into an external jar.

Turn on the tap and watch the honey flow. Check out their campaign’s video below and visit their Indiegogo campaign.

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