Trump’s EPA Chief Overestimates Coal Job Growth By 4,800%

Trump’s EPA Chief Overestimates Coal Job Growth By 4,800%

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The Trump administration has never been particularly tethered to reality. That fact showed itself again when Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt took to Sunday morning talk shows to spread bizarrely false information about the president’s choice to exit the Paris climate accord and the coal industry.

Pruitt’s biggest fib seems to be centered on coal jobs, stating on several programs that there were 50,000 new coal jobs created since Trump took office. The interesting thing about that claim is how little data there is to back it up. And by little, I mean no data. At all.

We do have numbers on actual new coal jobs though. The S&P Global Market Intelligence report, citing data from U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administrations, indicates about 586 new jobs in the coal industry.

Pruitt may have gotten his wires crossed. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are about 51,000 jobs in the coal industry all together. But lies and half-truths like this have become a common occurrence for Trump’s embattled administration.

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