BP Set To Drill Near Newly Discovered Amazon Coral Reef

BP Set To Drill Near Newly Discovered Amazon Coral Reef

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British Petroleum and Total are preparing to drill for oil dangerously close to a newly discovered coral reef off the coast of Brazil. The closest drilling rig will be just 8 km from the reef.

Scientists credited with discovering the reef are alarmed by the prospect of an oil spill, fearing that it could dramatically effect the future of the reef. They’re pushing for the British ministry of environment to conduct a new environmental study.

The Brazilian government thinks the Amazonian basin could contain 14 billion barrels of oil.

The reef is ecologically unique. It runs 600 km from French Guiana to Brazil and exists under a plume of muddy water.

The region the coral occupies is home to numerous endangered species which do not exist anywhere else on Earth. These include the Amazon river dolphin and Amazonian manatee.

Regardless of the potential damage to the environment, the Brazilian ministry of environment is expected to approve the drilling.

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