1 In 4 Australian Homes Have Gone Solar

1 In 4 Australian Homes Have Gone Solar

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Image by Jon Callas, Flickr Creative Commons

The solar revolution has begun and there’s not much that can stop it. From reducing our need for dirty fossil fuels to allowing people to produce their own energy at home, solar has so many benefits.

In Australia, solar power is well on its way to being ubiquitous. About 25% of the country’s homes are now equipped with solar panels. With the rapidly decreasing price of the solar panel, many of Australia’s residence are rushing to put them on their roofs.

But this isn’t likely to continue at its current pace. It’s expected that the implementation of solar energy on the community level will likely slow some.

According to a report from SunWiz, rooftop solar now accounts for 5.7 gigawatts of energy produced spanning 1.7 million businesses and households. The first 5 months of 2017 saw a record breaking number of installations.

1% of Australian homes (about 94,000) say they have plans to go solar over the next 12 months.

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